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2000.02 [ printable version ]

I think everybody at the picnic had an enjoyable time. The weather was dynamite, nice location, good food and some really cool examples of our favorite car. Casey from Treasure Coast is making great progress on his future show car. There was also a lot of talk about the Daytona show and what people are doing to prepare (clean and clean again).


March 8-12………………..New car show @ Broward Conv. Ctr.
March 18……………………Sebring
April 9-12………………….Amelia Island Concourse(near JAX), also at this event there will be a display by the American Society of Automotive Artists. That is going to be the draw for my attendance.


The trusty 2M4 took top honors at the most recent auto-x, beating an ’99 Eclipse by 2 seconds and a MB 190 E. Next event in Ft. Myers is April 12. Hey!, B.T. why don’t you get your racing feet wet here. Yes, we may have another member interested in putting a Fiero thru the cones. More on her next month, as I start a new feature called, Member Profiles.

CART was in Homestead early Feb., for spring traing, maybe you caught the coverage by Speedvision 2/9/00. They had 3 hours of "live" viewing pleasure. Anybody watching on the east coast knew, it can’t be sunny in Miami at 8:30 PM, this time of year. Towards the very end Dario crashed and I have yet to hear an update.

Here is the info promised last month on brake pads:
Carbotech Engineering
1100 N.W. 53 Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33309

Ask to speak to Larry, who is out of the office alot(race track), but will return your call. Rather than go with expense upgrades try Larry first. He will need a set of backing plates from your vehicle or he has to buy a set for about $15.00 additional. They also carry brake fluid, Brembo, Hawk, stainless lines, and he can Cryogenic treat drums and rotors.

Q and A DEPT.

Dear Jimmy Rigged,

My headlights are not staying up, even after cranking them up manually. Sometimes I want to drive at night, give me a clue, what do I do? Signed, Al from Githe, KY.

Dear Al, take the motor out. That will allow the headlight to swing freely. Buy two long funnels. You might notice in the bottom area of the headlight compartment there is a round hole. Stick the funnel in there and cut the top of the funnel until your lights are sitting sweetly on top of its large supporting base. Total cost $6.00. Lights down- remove funnel. Mark them driver and passenger. Now you can fix the motor and reinstall, when your ready. Align your lights.

NEXT MEETING: March 18, at the IHOP, 7:00pm, east of I-95, at the 45 Street exit.

If you submitted something for the newsletter last year and it did not get published, it could be because I had doubts about plagiarism or legal issues. What is desired is original stories, fixes, personal interest, etc. Gary, I want that headlight article from you this year. You talk - I type. OK?

Jimmy Rigged has left the building, C-YA

Before he left, he wanted you to know the turn around time on the brake pads is quick. Thanks to Larry.

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