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At the last meeting the topic was Daytona, T-shirts, and Daytona. It was an unusual night in that we had more people than Fieros!

Next meeting is April 15, 7:00pm at the IHOP on 45 Street, east of I-95. Do not use this time to do your taxes, they are due April 17. Come on out for this one, there will be some pictures of Daytona and we can congratulate our own winners! I called Gary’s cell Sunday, the day after the awards, and heard Fieros came from 22 states, with about 137 cars attending.

Also at this time I would like to welcome new members to the club. Scott Lowbell/Formula, Brian Reddy/Formula, and Jim Remick/? My wish is that you enjoy the club and get as much out of it as I have.


Moroso Motorsports Park puts out its own rag, free for the asking, but they also have a television show. "Reaction Times" the same name as the freebie, is on the Sunshine Network. Broadcast time is 6:00pm Wednesday and Sunday evenings. The show I caught focused on Steeda, the Mustang aftermarket supplier located in Pompano. The interview with owner Dario was remarkable, in that he is so tuned to the customer and car, with a complete shop for any ‘Stang need or upgrade. The other part of Reaction Times covered a HSR event from Daytona(historic/vintage sportscar). All in all, if I can catch it again I will. I think it is available to satellite dish owners as well.


This new feature will appear as editors whimsy, but one you should enjoy.

BT, as her custom plate reads, comes from Poland in 1989 to the Chicago area. After several trips between here and there, she decided to move here.

The 5 Fieros she has owned, does not yet match the number of Toyotas her father had at one time. Before BT could park her car in the driveway, daddy had to sell a toy. Currently there are 2 fine examples in her stable, with both winning awards at Daytona ’00.

Her first Fiero was an 84, that one met with a Jag(crash), #2 was an 84SE-blown eng., and it was sold around 1994, #3 is when she bought Bruce’s 88GT, it was toast in less than 2 months( the front is available ). The important thing about this Fiero purchase is that it was our club presidents car and she became aware of Palm Bch. Fieros. #4 she bought from club member Jeff Backman, who still has a nice 88Gt w/T-tops. The #4 Fiero was taken to Daytona ’99 and won the Golden Toothbrush Award & 3rd place-Steet Custom! That car is another, her 2nd red 88GT, which took 1st Place at this years show in Street Custom. Not satisfied yet, she goes shopping, and after sometime, she finds and buys another 88GT (white this time). It is a beautiful example, almost showroom condition. BT spent lots of time and money on dreams of Daytona trophies and comes away with 2nd Place in the full custom class! 2nd only to S. FLA’s Clem ? She must have been radiant by the end of the evening, because the final trophy awarded her is------ Can I have the envelope please? 1st Place for female owner/prepared.

A BIG round of CONGRATULATIONS to our own. BT is a big NASCAR fan and her favorite driver- Jeff Gordon. She likes having FUN on the road, changing her oil, and keeping the cars clean. Now she has a search going on for another 88GT with less than 100 miles. See if you can help her out in this quest. BRYGIDA TRZASKA—Keeping the Excitement ALIVE !


The first event in West Palm may be late May at the Fairgrounds. There may be an event or two at the Metro Zoo, but without confirmation, who cares. They tried this new venue in the past without luck. Stay tuned.

Come on out to the next meeting and show BT some support.

C-Ya, signed Jimmy Rigged